Heritage Remodel and Design (HR&D) is a leading Triangle Construction Company designed to provide a wide range of remodel and design solutions for both residential and commercial construction clients. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, our company was founded in 1999 by two homebuilders with a combined experience of 60 years within the North Carolina home construction business. We pride ourselves on efficiency and competitive pricing, design, and project management. Our company is both diligent and ambitious, we are excited by the most difficult of challenges and believe our creative and innovate designs are complimented nicely with quality execution. We believe our prices to be the most competitive in the Triangle and our product the standard setter in quality. While we are capable of almost all remodel and design functions, HR&D is best suited to handle significant remodel and design projects requiring detailed estimation and sub-contractor management.  


Mike Young of Heritage Remodel & Design

Active in the new home building industry for over twenty years, Mike Young received his degrees as a nuclear engineer and has applied the principles of precision and detail to the art of crafting new homes. While pursuing his college education, Mike's summers and weekends were often spent on construction sites framing, trimming and painting custom homes around the Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C. His ten years of engineering employment focused on conducting experimental research within universities and national labs around the country. He managed the construction of test facilities and data/correlation development to predict coolant flow in nuclear reactors. Then, in the early 80's he built his own home for his wife and growing family of 4 children which inevitably opened doors to start his own building company. The challenges and fulfilling experiences of building custom homes has been Mike's passion ever since. He spent 3 years in Maryland's suburbs building homes and then moved to Raleigh in 1988 to form Young Homes.

Over one hundred custom homes built in the Triangle area, Mike has grown his company into an extremely competitive operation that artfully blends quality, value, and comfort. A member of the Better Business Bureau and Home Builders Association, Mike produces custom homes that are unique and often authentic to historical designs. Whether it is French European or Neo-Traditional Souther Classical design, Mike's home exude an elegance that you must see for yourself to truly appreciate. This is evidenced further by numerous "Parade of Homes" awards that he has received throughout his career.

Mike Young Homes works very closely with North Carolina's top architects and interior designers so as to ensure his uneatable level of commitment to service.

  Steve Young of Heritage Remodel & Design   STEVE YOUNG, PARTNER FOR HERITAGE REMODEL & DESIGN  
  In the spring 1978, Steve Young was drafted by the Houston Oilers out of Wake Forest University. Steve played only one year with the Oilers, before pursuing a career in residential construction. Steve framed homes in Texas until 1985, at which point, he and his wife, Gail, moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, Gail's hometown. In 1986, Steve Young partnered with Dan Austin and established his first residential construction company, Young-Austin Construction Co.

Over the following ten years, Steve built over 150 homes with Young-Austin Construction Co., ranging in price from $80,000 to $350,000. In 1997, Steve partnered with Mike Young, his older brother, to create an additional construction company, Heritage Custom Homes. Heritage Remodel and Design (HR&D) was born in 1999.

Today, Steve and Mike still run their own residential construction companies, but remain partnered in HR&D. Mike and Steve combine for over 60 years of home-building experience, and have found utility in expanding their experience, innovation, and processes to the remodel and design market.
  An Ohio native, Mike has lived in North Carolina since 1996. Mike is a licensed contractor that is both experienced and proficient in remodel and design work. Mike joined the Heritage Remodel & Design (HR&D) team in 2003 and has been an excellent addition to the company. Mike, a prior business owner, has brought an entrepreneur skillset, as well as, experience in specialized framing to HR&D. As a business owner, Mike expanded his specialized carpentry business into many of the high growth locations within Raleigh; this eventually resulted in the acquisition of his business by HR&D. Mike handles the selection and management of all subcontractors, and is responsible for the oversight of all renovation projects.  
  Pamelia Thomas of Heritage Remodel & Design   PAMELIA THOMAS, DESIGNER FOR HERITAGE REMODEL & DESIGN  
  Pamelia is an award-winning designer with over 25 years of experience in the greater Triangle area. Although she specializes in kitchen and bath design, Pamelia has also been an integral part of the overall planning and design of new homes and additions. She has been with the team for 14 years and has built a diversified portfolio of jobs and an excellent reputation throughout the home building industry. Her work extends outside of Heritage Remodel and Design (HR&D) with many of the Triangle's premier building companies requesting her design expertise. Aside from her keen sense of design and attention to detail, she has the ability to make the whole process enjoyable for her clients.